Job Title:Vice President Public Affairs and Communications
Employer:The Nature Conservancy of Canada
Grad Year:1980
Degree(s):B. Journalism
Expertise:Communications, Toronto Area

What makes you a good mentor?

The value of a Carleton degree extends far beyond graduation. A network of mentors - Carleton ambassadors in the world beyond campus - can help a graduate build upon the foundation of their degree. Mentorship is a wonderful opportunity to nurture the leaders of tomorrow. For the mentor it's also a chance to learn from young talent in their field -- to see the world from a fresher perspective and to share their excitement and optimism.

About Jane Gilbert

Jane is the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) chief storyteller. This was a natural extension of her previous career as an award-winning science journalist and television producer.

Jane joined in 2008, keen to share NCC’s great stories with many more Canadians.

Before working with NCC Jane spent 10 years with the Discovery Channel as co-host and senior producer of the programs and Daily Planet. Jane was the creative force behind the kids’ science-adventure series, Sci-Q, for which she received a Gemini nomination. Prior to Discovery Channel, Jane was an anchor and producer working for Canada’s leading newsrooms, including CBC National and Newsworld, Global-TV and CJOH Ottawa.

Jane holds a degree in journalism and law from Carleton University in Ottawa and a masters degree from the University of Toronto in the history and philosophy of science and technology.

She is an active volunteer with Carleton University, as member of the Board of Governors and past president of the Alumni Association.

Jane is based in the Toronto area, where she lives with her husband and two children and encourages them to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of our natural world.