Job Title:President and CEO
Employer:Soundpays Inc.
Grad Year:1981
Degree(s):B. Commerce
Expertise:Business Development, Football
Industry:Football, Information Technology and Services

What makes you a good mentor?

I believe that youth need opportunity. It is very difficult for someone leaving university to find those crucial first jobs and working experience when one has not yet built up a network of professional contacts, references, advocates, etc. A mentor should be able to assist someone to find their footing in a professional environment and provide guidance on how to best demonstrate their abilities and optimize their impact and thus personal gain. As these young men and women develop and taste success, then they will recognize the value of the mentorship that they received, and will do the same for others entering the workforce behind them. Mentorship builds a stronger base of human resources in Canada and hence a stronger Canadian economy.

About Steve Doswell

Steve Doswell is a seasoned tech executive who has served as CEO, COO, EVP and SVP with both early-stage companies and large, enterprise corporations in Canada and abroad.

Over his 25+ year career, Steve has been a co-founder or a founding-team member of three Canadian technology start-ups where he was responsible for the Business Development role. All three companies were built up to over 400 employees before eventually being acquired by major North American brands. Along the way, the companies collectively raised almost $200 million in financing, including two successful IPO’s.

Steve’s enterprise background includes stints as COO of AOL Canada and GM of Ericsson Canada. Most recently, Steve was the CEO of First Information Security Inc. of Dubai, UAE.

Steve is currently CEO of Soundpays Inc. where he is responsible for taking a pioneer payments technology company to commercial mainstream.

As a volunteer, Steve recently served as the Chair and Past Chair of Children’s International Summer Villages Toronto Chapter. He also served as Treasurer of the same organization in a prior term. Steve was also a Member of the Carleton University Football Program Board.