Job Title:Web Developer/Systems Analyst
Employer:Pivot Technology Solutions
Grad Year:1996
Degree(s):B. Computer Science
Major(s):Software Engineering (Computer Science)
Expertise:Information Technology and Services
Industry:Information Technology and Services

What makes you a good mentor?

I've had a varied and satsifying career in technology and am always interested in assisting anyone in navigating the pitfalls and peaks of one's career. I have mentored at various levels, both formally and informally, and seen the positive results that come from a mentoring partnership. I derive great satisfaction from seeing other people succeed.

About Jose de Leon

(B.CompSci, 1996, Co-op) I have been a professional software developer my entire adult life, and one of the first high-school tech co-ops in Ottawa in 1990, which enabled me to attend Carleton Computer Science from 1990-1996. The highlight of my time as an undergrad at Carleton was my co-op placement at Corel in 1993-1994.

I’ve been a developer for companies of many sizes and industries, progamming for places like: Telesat Canada, Statistics Canada, Corel, and Nortel Networks, and then on into the United States for 14 years at places like IBM Rochester, Minnesota, Discover Card, and Winona State University. I returned to Ottawa in 2010 and have worked steadily as a web developer for small outfits like and Askari Solutions, building websites for Standards Council Of Canada, Former Parliamentarians, Canadian Museum of Human Rights, and

I helped found the Ottawa Ruby Users Group in 2005 and I am active today with groups such as high-school mentoring and Ladies Learning Code. I retain an interest in open-source advocacy, increasing women’s participation in STEM disciplines, and teaching and mentoring students at the start of their careers.