Job Title:Assistant Crown Attorney
Employer:Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General
Grad Year:2012
Major(s):Criminology and Criminal Justice, Psychology

What makes you a good mentor?

I have been fortunate enough to have many mentors help me out along the way in my career thus far; and I want to pay it forward. I enjoy helping those who came after me to succeed.

About Daniella Portolese

I have been working in the Crown’s office for 5 years. My job role involves the prosecution of Criminal Code and Highway Traffic Offences. Sexual and domestic violence cases make up a significant portion of my work.

I studied Criminology and Criminal Justice with a concentration in Sociology, and a minor in Psychology at Carleton. After taking a year off school, I then went on to law school at the University of Ottawa.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching Jeopardy and baking. I am also a beginner scuba diver. Unfortunately, the pandemic thwarted my plans of diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.