Job Title:International Development and Environment Advisor
Employer:Self Employed
Grad Year:1979
Degree(s):B. Sc.
Major(s):Earth Sciences
Expertise:Environmental Services, Mining
Industry:Environmental Services

What makes you a good mentor?

I feel I would make a good mentor because I have learned a lot about how to recognize opportunity in the workplace by having direct work experience in the federal government, non-government organizations and industry. My career has been varied and extremely interesting. I started off doing mining and petroleum exploration in the private sector and ended up doing environmental work for international development organizations. I also have travelled to over 40 developing countries and lived in Namibia for several years. This background and experience has given me some insight into how the workplace functions, what employers are looking for and how to address work related problems. There were bumpy times in my career that also gave me some lessons on how to keep moving forward. I am really keen to share these insights and stories with a Carleton student who is on the verge of starting their own career.

About Peter Croal

Peter has a diverse combination of skills and experience gained from Canadian and international projects related to geology, mining, environmental management, aboriginal issues, partnership building, capacity development and governance. Peter’s key areas of expertise lie in international development, poverty reduction, mining and the extractive sector, environmental sustainability and Indigenous Peoples rights.

Peter has over 32 years experience in program management, natural resources, capacity building, teaching, sustainable development, environmental management, international development and governance sectors through employment with private sector, federal government and NGOs, including municipal, local and developing country field experience.

Peter has extensive capacity building experience in developing and managing environmental governance and public participation frameworks, training courses and associated implementation tools and processes for the public sector to respect national and international environmental laws, policies, conventions and agreements.

Peter has extensive project development and cross-cultural experience pertaining to capacity development, natural resources and environmental protection and management with the international Official Development Assistance community, international non-government organisations and aboriginal groups.

Peter was recently appointed to McGill University’s Leadership Council.