Job Title:Customer Success Manager, Strategic Accounts
Grad Year:2009
Degree(s):B. International Business
Major(s):International Marketing and Trade
Expertise:Project Management

What makes you a good mentor?

Looking back, if had a mentor to help guide or suggest, I may have realized what I was good at and achieved my goals sooner. I've been fortunate to meet professionals who are patient, compassionate and actively listen throughout my career. I wish take these experiences and lessons I've gained to help students navigate the ambiguity of defining their journey and help reach their goals.

About Chia Lian

I’m the trusted advisor to my clients to help them maximize their investment with our software solution.

In my past life, I’ve crossed industries (Manufacturing, Non-profit, SaaS) and functions (Senior Associate, Operations Manager, Customer Service Manager) using my personal skills, and proven track record of navigating ambiguity to help my employers achieve their goals.

I’ve acquired these skills, in part, from my education at Carleton with my Bachelor of International Business degree and my study abroad gave the self awareness I needed to explore and continue succeeding in different functions and industries.

I thoroughly enjoy helping people connect and find the next step or path forward. I’ve been fortunate to have built a career off these skills and enjoy waking up each day knowing I can make an impact.