Job Title:Global HPC Alliance Manager
Employer:Amazon Web Services
Grad Year:1998
Degree(s):B. Eng. (Biomedical and Electrical)
Major(s):Electrical Engineering

What makes you a good mentor?

I believe in giving back. I enjoy helping others who deserve it. I was influenced by some professors at Carleton who, by example, showed me how to be a good person and use my skills to help others.

About Kenneth Chang

Responsible for product marketing, product management and business development of complex enterprise software used by top semiconductor companies in the world to create ASIC designs used in most electronic devices for all markets.

Worked in semiconductor sector for 20 years in design and electronic design automation for large public enterprise companies (Mitel Semiconductor, Cadence Design Systems (#2 world rank) and Synopsys (#1 world rank) and 4 high profile startup companies (one acquired and IPO).
Expertise in security, video, storage, HPC (high performance computing) and IoT.
Published and presented at numerous events.