Job Title:Manager - CHEO Autism Program
Grad Year:2004
Major(s):Political Science, Sociology
Expertise:Hospital and Health Care
Industry:Hospital and Health Care

What makes you a good mentor?

I have had a couple of individuals who have played a significant role in supporting me during my career. Their time, knowledge and care has been so valuable to me. I want to share my experience and knowledge to support others in considering their career options and decisions . I think it is important to have people who support you, who can provide alternative ideas when needed and cheer you on.

About Cailin Hudson

Cailin has spent the last 17 years at the  Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) working with and supporting children, youth and families impacted by Autism. Her last three years at CHEO have been in a management role with the Autism Program. She has training and a keen interest in staff training, leadership and the clinical applications of Applied Behaviour Analysis. She is passionate about improving access for children and adults who are neurodiverse to education, healthcare, housing and their community as a whole.

On the edge of turning 40 she lives with her partner, two teenagers and two cats. She grew up in Calgary Alberta and moved to Ottawa in 2001.

Truth and compassion are her guide for all relationships.