Job Title:Biomedical Engineer-In-Training
Employer:The Ottawa Hosptial
Grad Year:2015
Degree(s):B. Eng. (Biomedical and Electrical)
Major(s):Biomedical and Electrical Engineering
Industry:Hospital and Health Care

What makes you a good mentor?

When I was a student, I did not have a female mentor who had been through engineering or similar experiences. As a result, I struggled to try and figure out what direction I wanted to take my career when I graduated. It wasn’t until my 4th year when I met my project supervisor, who later turned out to be my supervisor for my master's, that I was able to gain an understanding of some of the opportunities that exist for engineering students other than design. I believe there are many students with an incomplete picture of what they want to do with their careers or what is available to them and I want to provide them with assistance before they finish their degrees in order to help them succeed.

About Sarah Bruch

I am currently a Biomedical Engineer-In-Training at The Ottawa Hospital. I am responsible for the provision of biomedical engineering support of patient care. A large part of my time is spent managing the procurement of medical devices for the entire Ottawa Hospital Organization which includes equipment and technology assessment; biomedical engineering projects (including equipment design and modification); risk management and equipment related incident investigations.

I have previously worked as a Biomedical Engineer-In-Training at The University of Ottawa Heart Institute, while I completed my master in Clinical Engineering. I worked largely with procuring new medical equipment for the hospital. This involved working side by side with all clinical staff and translating their needs into technical needs to ensure we brought in the right medical equipment for the hospital. Alongside procurement I was also a part of optimizing the biomedical engineering’s maintenance strategies by implementing a new technique called Evidence-Based Maintenance.

In my free time I enjoy sailing, skiing, baking and am heavily involved with playing and coaching volleyball.