Job Title:Self-Employed
Employer:A Life of Productivity
Grad Year:2013
Degree(s):B. Commerce
Major(s):Management, Marketing
Industry:Writing and Editing

What makes you a good mentor?

It's fun to help people become better versions of themselves—so they can in turn make the world a better place

About Chris Bailey

I’m a self-employed author, lecturer, and coach. I’ve written two books on productivity, which have been published in 20 languages: The Productivity Project, and Hyperfocus. Both books are published by Penguin Random House, and have collectively sold a few hundred thousand copies. I’m currently working on a third book, and also an Audible Original, while doing virtual talks for organizations.

On top of the books, I write about productivity online, have a podcast (but I guess pretty much everyone else does these days, too), and in normal times speak to audiences around the world about how they can become more productive (without hating the process).

Aside from this productivity stuff, I’m into green tea, reading, playing Animal Crossing, and watching new episodes of Ted Lasso. I’m an introvert at heart.