Job Title:Senior Development Officer, Department of Recreation & Athletics
Employer:Carleton University
Grad Year:1981

What makes you a good mentor?

I am passionate about mentoring because I had wonderful mentors myself here at Carleton University, especially when I first started coaching. These people were very gracious with their time and provided me with key feedback and support to help me get on my way.

About Paul Armstrong

Paul is a long-time Carleton University employee in the Department of Athletics. As a student Paul was a member of the men’s basketball team in the 70s and went on to coach both the men’s and women’s basketball teams in the 80s and 90s. Paul also held other duties in the Department which included Sports Information Director, Manager of Communication & Community Relations and Manager of Customer Service. In 2008 Paul was appointed to his current position as Senior Development Officer for the Department.

In his role as Senior Development Officer for the Department of Athletics, Paul works with donors and volunteers to match their passion for areas within Carleton University.  Paul supports donors and volunteers of the Athletics Department and helps them provide Carleton students with the best opportunities possible to help them realize their academic and athletic goals.  Paul works with volunteers to organize ‘mini-fundraising campaigns’ for varsity teams.  Paul identifies potential donors and volunteers to Carleton and approaches them to get involved in the mission of the university. Paul works to educate the broader community about the opportunities to support Carleton’s amazing student-athletes be it through scholarships, bursaries, gifts directly to the team or indirect gifts to provide equipment.