Job Title:COO & CFO, Partner
Employer:GreyBox Capital Management LLC
Grad Year:1987
Expertise:Banking and Finance, Consulting, Real Estate, Utilities and Renewable Energy
Industry:Banking and Finance

What makes you a good mentor?

I enjoy helping others explore how to best develop their careers and school options and life plans.

About Anders Kruus

Anders Kruus combines leadership with financial and operational acumen to drive repeated P&L expansion, as evidenced throughout his 25+ years at the executive level. He excels in dynamic environments, where he leverages his skills to guide teams, executives and entrepreneurs to success through actionable metrics, cash-focused planning, thoughtful empowerment and resource optimization. Anders has applied his business-engine perspective to industries ranging from real estate, finance and clean power organizations, to web service, fintech and SaaS start-ups; bringing a focus on leadership, corporate financial viability, strategic capital & cash planning, investor relations, business development and team productivity. Along the way he has managed multi-center teams, built global client networks, co-founded numerous businesses, run a cross-border IPO, become fluent in 4 languages and worked in seven cities across four countries.

Anders holds a BA Honours in Economics with a major in Political Science from Carleton University and an MBA in Finance and External Relations from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.