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Alumni Messages to First Year Students

We all remember what it feels like entering a new stomping ground, being a first year student starting university. At Carleton, we have an incredible sense of community and we have an opportunity to make this transition easier by making our new students feel welcomed this fall.

We have launched a welcome postcard campaign which will greet every student moving into residence in September 2018 with a supportive message. These warm, encouraging and welcoming messages will greet new students as they begin their journey at Carleton, letting them know they are now on the same path as so many before them.

We are inviting Carleton alumni, faculty and staff to submit a short message to welcome a new student, which will then be printed and left in each room at move-in. These messages will welcome our newest Ravens to the Carleton community and instantly let them know they are supported and welcome on campus.

*Your first and last name will be shared along with your message on the postcard. Additionally, your degree/program, year of graduation and Twitter handle will also be included if provided.